Contestations and affections: Between silences and cries of the walls in Maputo City

From February 26-28, Tirso Sitoe Researcher Fellow and Executive Director of Bloco 4 Foundation and visual artist, Bruno Mateus (Shot B) participated in the international conference entitled Middle Class Urbanism In The Global South: Routes, Shapes And Aspiration, organized by The Middle Class Urbanism Research Team and the Department of Anthropology, University of Aarhus.

At the conference, they presented an ongoing research paper titled “Responses and Affections: Between Silences and Shouts of Walls in Maputo City”.

In this research document, Sitoe seeks to think of the urban (in) visibilities of the urban grafitte, exploring the way in which the walls, in certain parts of the Maputo city, communicate in different periods of silences or shouts and denounce , the permanent relationships of contestations and affections.