Rethinking social movements

Edgar Barroso, researcher of Bloco 4 Foundation, on May 30thoffered us with a presentation of his research paper in which it is proposed to explore the dynamics of social movements in Mozambique, using musical narratives of RAP protest.

In this conversation, Barroso focused especially on the album “O Enteado da Pátria”, referring to some musical extracts contained in some songs by the Mozambican rapper Olho Vivo, former member of one of the most influential RAP groups of social intervention in Maputo, Banda Podre, as an entry point, to problematize the denunciation of a reality perceived as oppressive, typically made by outsiders of a given socio-political context in Mozambique, but also essentially engaging and challenging the status quo.

The event was attended by Eduardo Lichuge, rapper and activist André Cardoso and Tirso Sitoe, Executive Director and researcher of Bloco 4 Foundation and took place in the lecture hall of the School of Communication and Arts Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo-Mozambique.