Tirso Sitoe

Researcher & Executive Director

Tirso Sitoe is the founder, researcher fellow and Executive director of the Bloco 4 Foundation. Master and post-graduate in Intercultural Relations from Open University (UAB), Lisbon. The dissertation explored experiences on how the RAP of protest is a space where musicians and the audience exercise their civil rights and citizenship in post-colonial Mozambique.

In 2012 he obtained his degree in Social Anthropology from Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM). His research focuses on areas such as youth cultures, sociability’s and processes of youth identification, citizenship, activism and human rights in Mozambique, spatial dynamics and social movements in urban context, Music criticism and social protest in post-colonial Mozambique.

In 2016, Tirso Sitoe was one of the young African leaders, selected for their commitment to the development of Africa, to integrate a group of people from all over the world, YALI Civic Leadership Training Program at the Regional Center for African Leadership Austral-Pretoria, offered by YALI- Regional Leadership Center, Mozambique.

Janne Rantala

Researcher & Coordinator

Janne Rantala is an researcher and coordinator of the scientific council of Bloco 4 Foundation. Is holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Research (Cultural Anthropology) at the University of Eastern Finland since 2017. His research interests include structure and liminality, public memory, hip hop, poetic license, and social movements. He will be a Postdoctoral Fellow 2018 in the DST/NRF Flagship Programme tat he Centre for Humanities Research (CHR), University of the Western Cape.

He recently won a Collin Murray Award 2017 for Postdoctoral Research in Southern Africa from the Journal of Southern African Studies (JSAS) for his project Memory, Political Ancestors and Reconciliation. He had Visiting Fellowships at the Centro de Estudos Africanos in the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), the University of Dar es Salaam, the Nordic Africa Institute, the Rhodes University and the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Fernando Tivane


Fernando Tivane is an researcher of Bloco 4 Foundation. Currently is a Phd candidate in Social Anthropology from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFGRS-Brazil). He also holds a degree in Anthropology from Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM). At the moment, exerts the teaching career in the disciplines of Cultural Anthropology and Theories of the Culture in the Superior Institute of Arts and Culture (ISArC-Moçambique).

He has experience in directing and producing documentaries. It was in this context that he produced the documentary on the invention of the Pandza / Dzukuta musical movement, titled “O nascer de um ritmo”. At the moment, Fernando Tivane is involved in the production and production of two more ethnographic documentaries on social life in Maputo.

Alia Chunguane


Ália Chunguane is an researcher assistant of Bloco 4 Foundation. In 2016, she obtained a degree in Sociology from Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) and her research work, sought to understand the relationship between the consumption of rap music and the construction of rapper woman identity in Maputo city.

Currently, her areas of interest focus on youth identities and sociability’s, RAP protest in Mozambique, based on gender approaches.

Arcénio Chilengue


Arcenio Chilengue is an researcher assistant of Bloco 4 Foundation. He has a degree in Archaeology and cultural heritage management at the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology of the Eduardo Mondlane University. In your research explored the relationship between preservation and enhancement of the built heritage from acase study in downtown Maputo.

Chilengue has in the National Direction of Cultural Heritage, having collaborated in the elaboration and implementation of the project on “heritage education “he has intended to make lectures in schools at national level so as to make known the goods of cultural heritage property in Mozambique. He collaborated also with the Department of Archeology and Anthropology respectively, as an assistant on cultural heritage management and discipline during several field research in Inhambane province in districts of Maxixe and Vilankulos in the localities of Manyikene, Chibuene and Linga-Linga.

Bruno Mateus


Bruno Mateus is graduated from the School of Visual Arts in Maputo and had a pass through the Faculty of Belas Artes of Porto. He currently works with graffiti, entertainment, MC video animation, photography and fashion. He has several exhibitions in Mozambique, Portugal and South Africa. He is the author of several murals that are in the public space that circumscribes the city of Maputo.

Vera Fátima Gasparetto


Vera Fátima Gasparetto is a researcher of BLOCO 4 FOUNDATION and Phd candidate in the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Program in Human Sciences of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (DICH / UFSC – Brazil) Associate Researcher at the Center for African Studies (UEM) and holds a Master’s Degree in Political Sociology (PPGSP / UFSC) / Journalism at UNISINOS.

She conducts research in the area of ​​gender, public policies, media, communication, artivism, social movements and activism, youth, the world of work, education.

Susanne Holm


Susanne Holm is an associate researcher at Bloco 4 Foundation. She is also a photographer and social anthropologist from Stockholm, Sweden, where she owns a business as freelancer photographer and works as a photography consultant. In addition, Susanne has lived, worked, studied and conducted research in nine countries on five continents, especialising in curation, visual communication and social memory in Uganda, South Africa and Mozambique.

More recently, Susanne completed a book and a short documentary film about the SS Mendi centenary commemoration in South Africa, for which she obtained a master’s degree in visual ethnography from the University of Leiden, the Netherlands. Susanne also holds a bachelor’s degree in social anthropology from the University of Stockholm with additional degrees from the University of the Sunchine Coast (Australia), the Nanyang Techonological University (Singapore) and the University of St. Andrews (UK).

Carlos Guerra Júnior


Carlos Guerra Júnior is an associate researcher at BLOCO 4 Foundation and Phd candidate in Sciences of the Communication in the University of Coimbra in Portugal and he is a master in Communication and Journalism for the same University. His research focuses on RAP as a form of political activism, postcolonial and counter-hegemonic representation in the Portuguese language.

He was one of the organizers of the colloquium-concert ““RAPensando as Ciências Sociais e a Politica” “that debates the connection among the art and the academic world that had as a figure of discourse the sociologist Boaventura de Sousa Santos. He acts in the artistic way like RAPentista, a mixture among RAP, the poetry and the suddenness (traditional style of the Northeast of Brazil), in which it uses the name of his/her home town “Mossoró” as nickname.

Nelson André Mugabe


He holds a degree in Anthropology from Eduardo Mondlane University (2012), a master’s degree in Social Sciences from Rio de Janeiro State University (2015) and Phd candidate in Social Sciences from the State University of Rio de Janeiro. Has experience in the area of ​​Social Sciences with emphasis on Anthropology.

He works with subjects related mainly to the social relations of gender and sexualities; homosexuality, human rights and recently is interested in the area of ​​visual anthropology concretely the production, circulation and reception of image, art and cultural expression.

Edgar Barroso


Edgar Barroso is a researcher at Bloco 4 Foundation, a master’s degree in African Studies – Education and Development, at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, Portugal and holds a degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the Higher Institute of International Relations, Maputo.

In 2016, Barroso was one of the young African leaders, selected for their commitment to the development of Africa, to join a YALI Civic Leadership training program at the Southern African Regional Leadership Center in Pretoria offered by YALI- Regional Leadership Center, Mozambique.

His research focuses on areas such as education and citizenship, political activism, youth, political processes and governance in Mozambique.

Withney Sabino


Withney Osvalda Mateus Sabino is a researcher at Bloco 4 Foundation. Feminist, activist and cellist Sabino holds a degree in political science from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Eduardo Mondlane University. Attended the Course “Epistemologies of the South” at the Center for Social Studies of the Coimbra University. It has attended gender research methodologies seminars within UEM, but also in Kenya, South Africa, Spain and Portugal.

Currently she is assistant researcher in the project “Dialogues in confrontation: Trajectories, constructions and emancipatory paths of women in PALOP: Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde and Mozambique” financed by CODESRIA. Participates as co-researcher of the action research “Strengthening the legitimacy and representation of civil society organizations” a partner of IDS-University of Sussex with Fórum Mulher. She is Secretary of the general coordination of the Women’s Worlds 2020. As a cellist she was part of the UEM Orchestra (2012-2017), she played as guest of the orchestra of the School of Communication and Arts and founded the female string quintet Modus Vivendi.

Some publications of which participates: “Cidades Seguras, Livres de Violência contra Mulheres e Raparigas” da ONU MULHERES 2016; ” ‘‘Inclusão Da Mulher Na Esfera Socioeconómica: Concessão De Crédito Bancário Às PMEs Das Mulheres Avicultoras No Município Da Matola’’CeCAGe-UEM e Cooperação Italiana. Author of the biography “Vivencias que inspiram” life trajectory of Marina Pachinuapa, former combatant of the armed struggle and colonel in the reserve. “Dictionary of musical terms” University Press-UEM.2018. Her current research is on African feminism, youth, political participation and citizenship.

Rhuann Fernandes


Rhuann Fernandes is a researcher assistant at Bloco 4 Foundation.Currently he is holding a degree in Social Sciences at State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). He is a Founder and Coordinator of Community Organization Us by Us.He is a Scholarship for Scientific Initiation PIBIC / CNPq at the Faculty of Education of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). He is an Associate Researcher at the Center for Applied Social Studies of Cândido Mendes University (CESAP / IUPERJ). He is Monitor of the discipline Sociology III-A and is Researcher Assistant of the Research Group Social Sciences and Education, both linked to the Department of Sociology of the Institute of Social Sciences of UERJ.

He has interests and studies in the areas of Sociology and Anthropology, with emphasis in the studies of Sociological Theory and Epistemology of Social Sciences. His latest researchs and works are linked to the manifestations of Hip Hop culture in Rio de Janeiro; Political Activism through social moviments in the favelas of Rio; influence of black music as a critic and social protest in the history of Brazil, Black Perspectivism, Postcolonial and Decolonial Theories.

His research focuses on areas such as education and citizenship, political activism, youth, political processes and governance in Mozambique.