Bloco 4 Foundation

Block 4 Foundation is an institution that seeks to promote the construction of research spaces on activism, citizenship and social policies in Mozambique.

When it was created in 2007, it was called “BLOCK4 ASSOCIATION”, inspired by the name of the Municipal District Number Four (4), current Ka Mavota, which is located on the outskirts of Maputo City. At the time, its activities were limited geographically to the city of Maputo. Today, however, the Association is focused on the exercise of activism, citizenship and social entrepreneurship at the national level. Within a global perspective, in which different social groupings are formed, allied and affirmed against a set of identity markers that refer to the exclusion and social injustices, carried out by the State or by the big corporations, intends to develop a set of alternatives within a field of possibilities, in which the youth can be central protagonist, in scenarios of democratic participation and social emancipation, through a platform of dialogue between different actors and social institutions, as a way to explore a corridor of transformations contingencies and articulations, between the new and old forms of social knowledge in contexts of change. Organizationally, we have developed programs that are based on three concepts (activism, citizenship and social entrepreneurship), which guide our activities. Our programs encompass components of academic research and social intervention as we understand that they can contribute significantly to social emancipation in defense of more vulnerable groups in the Mozambican political and social scene.


Our mission is to contribute to the guarantee of fundamental rights to less favored communities, promoting research on activism, citizenship and social policies in Mozambique.


To become a national and international reference institution in the research component on activism, citizenship and social policies in Mozambique, because we believe that they are the key components for democratic governance, the resolution of the problem of social exclusion, transparency in the context relations between citizens and the state in Mozambique.