African Urban Futures: BIEA Graduate Conference of BIEA

Tirso Sitoe, researcher and Executive Director of Bloco 4 Foundation, took part in the BIEA Graduate Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, from March 22-23. The conference was intended to discuss African urban futures, such as problems and challenges of future livelihoods, emerging and dominant livelihoods, growth and development opportunities, futuristic literary imaginations and their significance today, among other social, economic, and political aspects. the African city towards the construction and maintenance of sustainable and resilient cities.

It was in this context that Sitoe sought to analyze how the emerging young artists of the great African cities, as is the case of Maputo, from a sociocultural imaginary, has reinvented itself in contexts of austerity in workshops and as their sonorous and plastic narratives, rescuing political figures from a recent past in the history of Mozambique, question the modus operant of political parties in power and legitimize their struggles.

BIEA is an institute that exists to promote research in all disciplines in the humanities and social sciences in the wider region of East Africa. It has a strong tradition of research in anthropology, archeology, history and linguistics, and recent projects have adopted political, environmental and development studies, geography, public health, art and performance. Its renovated research center in Nairobi offers workspace and accommodation for visiting scholars and scholars, an excellent reference library and facilities for seminars / lectures.

For more information on the conference click here to see the program.

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