Corredor de Saberes: vavasati vatinhenha (women heroines) and networks of women and feminists in Mozambique | Congratulations

Congratulations to the Researcher of Bloco 4 Foundation, Vera Gasparetto for the completion of her PhD. Her thesis sought to discuss how women’s and feminist movements are organized in Mozambique, to understand their main agendas and political struggles for rights from the Fórum Mulher Network. The problem that stimulated the realization of this research is twofold: the persistence, on the one hand, of the ignorance of feminist intellectual and African genre production in Latin America in general and in Brazil in particular, and on the other side of a still dominant Western view of African women as victims and not as subjects of their own history, who develop in their own contexts and historical conditions strategies of resistance to various forms of oppression and discrimination.

In the articulation of an interdisciplinary epistemology based mainly on South-South feminisms, which crosses aspects of Anthropology, History, Sociology, etc. and various theoretical productions and approaches, such as decolonial, intersectional and macro and micro sociological levels, enabled Vera to understand that African and Mozambican women in particular are protagonists of their own history. Among the powers of the work is the visibility of their daily struggles and the search for rights with the State, which include the right to own body, city, work, land and the recognition of their social and economic contribution both in the public space as in private.

It also revealed that the vision of Africa only as a field of data production needs to be overcome because, as we seek to demonstrate especially from the vast intellectual production of African and Mozambican women and feminists, the continent is also a place for a fundamental theoretical and empirical production and worthy of knowledge and circulation throughout the world

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